10 Best White Gaming Keyboards of 2021

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Serious gamers know how important it is to have the right setup, from the best workstation or gaming laptop to other gadgets and equipment, because all these elements contribute to the best gaming experience. In this article, we will talk about your gaming keyboard.

Contrary to what some people think, there are a few things to consider when choosing a game keyboard. For example, it must have the necessary mechanical variation to respond to commands. And if it wants to be part of your man cave, it has to be elegant.

Besides, what could be more elegant than a white gaming keyboard? It looks really cool, especially in contrast to the RGB backlight. Here you will find the best white gaming keyboards we have found:

Top 6 white game boards

We sift through tons of options on the market to find the best white gaming keyboard that makes a cool, elegant and stylish gaming station. To make sure that these keyboards are worth it, we looked not only at their looks, but also at their functionality, performance and value for money.

Read on to find out what makes these choices strong and why you should choose them.

Razer Huntsman Mercury White Gaming Keyboard

Our top pick for the best white gaming keyboard is the Razer Huntsman, which features extra-light keys made possible by an opto-mechanical switch. This means that keystrokes take much less effort, which you’ll notice when playing MOBA and first-person shooter games from a TOP standpoint.

It also features a new and improved actuation technology that makes striking more sensitive, even for fractions of a second. In other words, you can ensure that every keystroke is recorded, which is essential if you use your laptop for World of Warcraft.

Additionally, the Razer Huntsman features an RGB chroma backlight that is subtle enough not to hurt your eyes during long hours of play. Sure, it lacks USB ports and macro keys, but it’s still a good choice for a white RGB keyboard.

  • Full-size optical-mechanical design
  • Exceptionally fast, lively and responsive.
  • Robust and rigid with an aluminium top plate
  • RGB backlighting with Razer Chroma
  • Connectors can hold up to +100 million clicks

Do you need a USB keyboard to play on your Windows PC? Try the Redragon K550 mechanical gaming keyboard.

Eagletec KG011 White mechanical keyboard with blue LED backlight

We also like the Eagletec KG011 very much. It’s perfect for anyone looking for a large white LED keyboard with a mechanical feel. With its blue keys, 104 keys and anti-focus, this keyboard guarantees high quality, conflict-free playing and typing.

One of the many things to admire about this keyboard is the quality finish thanks to the ABS plastic and aircraft aluminum construction, not to mention the fancy gold plating on the USB port. These materials not only give the keyboard an elegant look, but also ensure a long life.

Additionally, like the first option, the Eagletec KG011 features RGB backlighting and goes even further by offering five modes and brightness levels for a more personalized look. All in all, it’s an affordable white backlit keyboard that’s ideal for comfortable gaming sessions or dressing up your laptop for entertainment.

  • Full size to eliminate the need for combination keys
  • Blue touch click and switches
  • Lightweight and durable aluminium construction
  • Fully customizable RGB backlighting
  • Excellent price-quality ratio

To see a video review of the Eagletec KG011, click here.

HK GK61 Mechanical playing keyboard

Third place goes to the HK Gaming GK61, an elegant and highly customizable wired mechanical gaming keyboard that offers the best in functionality and style while being easy to use.

This keyboard is made of durable materials and guarantees a long life span. This makes it a good choice for players with heavy cases who like to break their keyboards. The keys are also uniquely designed, and each key has customizable lighting to highlight your unique aesthetic and style.

In addition, optical switches under the hoods provide excellent tactile response and a pleasant overall feel. The nine included buttons are enough for most users, but if you’re a serious gamer, you can upgrade and customize them as you see fit.

  • Programmable with customizable RGB backlighting
  • Compatible with different operating systems
  • Gateron integrated optical switches
  • ABS plastic key ring
  • Dust and waterproof design

GK61 – the fastest gaming keyboard? For more information, click here.

Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 SE Mechanical RAPIDFIRE Gaming Keyboard

The Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 SE, a high-end gaming keyboard, is also worth a look. It features special Cherry Speed mechanical switches for superior response, accuracy and reliability.

As a high-end option, it’s not cheap, but with all the products it offers, it’s definitely worth it. First of all, it’s incredibly beautiful and elegant with its white accents, silver aluminum base, subtle RGB backlight and unobtrusive design. No wonder he’s popular in the airport world.

However, we prefer Cherry MX Speed switches in industrial quality, without tactile shocks and with minimal operating force. In other words: It feels right within reach. And if you prefer texture capsules for your WASD keys, these are also included in the package with the reminder tool.

  • Full-size, rugged aircraft aluminum keyboard
  • Software-controlled multi-color RGB backlighting for each button
  • iCUE software for device compatibility
  • Mechanical switches Cherry MX Speed
  • With switchable WASD keys and media controls

Here is a more detailed video review of the Corsair K70 MK.2.

MageGee GK710 Backlit Wired Keyboard and White Combination Mouse

If you are looking for a white keyboard/mouse combination, we recommend the MageGee GK710 wired keyboard with white backlight and optical mouse. This is a competitive option that offers you excellent value for money.

Because it’s a membrane keyboard, the keys are softer and quieter, which is less annoying and better suited to work environments. It also has non-slip strips and a large wrist rest for comfortable hitting and playing. In short, it’s an excellent keyboard that offers maximum efficiency throughout the game.

As for the optical mouse, it is just as nice as the keyboard and will definitely enhance your gaming experience. It is also responsive and accurate, which is a big advantage when working with software like SolidWorks. The best? Because it is a plug-and-play combination, it is easy to install and ready for immediate use.

  • 104 built-in keys + 10 multimedia keys
  • RGB backlighting with seven colour effects
  • Adjusting the light level with the game mouse
  • Compatible with different operating systems
  • Automatic switch-off

Looking for the best laptops for SolidWorks? Click here.

Rii RK100+ White mechanical keyboard

Finally, the Rii RK100+ White Mechanical Feel gaming keyboard is an ultra-thin model that features superior aesthetics, sleek design, and a wide range of features to ensure maximum functionality while playing.

This is a white wired mechanical keyboard that promises the best performance. It is very versatile and easy to use, compatible with a wide range of operating systems and incredibly energy efficient.

It also has 195 key drawings, which is a popular classic. Of course, it’s updated with bright, vibrant lighting. What we really like is the construction and design, which minimizes the click noise to make the game quieter. Tip: It’s great when we play Sims 4 at the office.

  • Compact, lightweight and versatile design
  • Five mixed LED backlight configurations
  • Sleep function for energy efficiency
  • Compatible with different operating systems

Check out this review of the best laptops for Sims 4.

How to find the best white gaming keyboard

Buying a gaming keyboard is not just a matter of looks, although it plays a big role, especially if you want the best white gaming keyboard. You also need to consider several other factors such as keyboard size, design, customization, ergonomics, quality, etc.

We’ll look at each of these factors below to help you quickly find the perfect white PC keyboard to meet your needs.

Keyboard size

One of the first things you need to decide is the size of the keyboard, which can be either solid, non-oxygenated or 60%. Here you can see how the different sizes differ:

Full size

A normal or standard keyboard comes with a full set of keys, like the Rii RK100+ white gaming keyboard. This means that all upper function keys, alphanumeric characters and arrows are present, including the numeric keypad on the right or left side of the card.

Often full-size keyboards even have extra keys on the top or side. These can be programmable macros or multimedia keys to perform complex functions quickly and easily. This all sounds great, but the obvious downside to full-size keyboards is their size.

Without wheels

On the other hand, the oxygen-free keyboard is very similar to a conventional keyboard, except that it is not equipped with a numeric keypad. If you don’t use these keys often (and you can do without the number keys at the top of the keyboard) and you want a more compact writing device, keyless keyboards are for you.

Even more compact versions are available in the so-called 75% layout, where the function keys and arrow keys are placed much closer to the letter keys to reduce the size of the table even further.


There is also a 60% keyboard, which is by far the smallest you’ll see on a desktop or laptop keyboard, as it has fewer keys and all the keys are close together. This type of keyboard has only letter and number keys and some modifier keys on the side. In other words: There is no numeric keypad, no arrows and no function keys.

If you don’t have a lot of space on your desk and don’t have a huge need for missing buttons, then a 60% layout will suit you. And don’t worry, you can still access these keys via modifier keys and hotkeys, as long as the keyboard is remotely programmable.

Watch this video to find out how big the keyboard should be.

Key switch

You should also consider the switches that switch to the keyboard keys each time a key is pressed. With pushbutton switches, you should keep in mind that switches of different colors behave differently: Blue is usually clicky, brown is tactile, etc. So you have to choose what you like best.

You can also choose between mechanical keyboards with spring switches that provide excellent direct feedback to the user, and quieter membrane keyboards with sensitive tracks.

Fortunately, there are many options for great key switches, such as Cherry MX, Gateron, Outemu, Holy Pandas, and Halo. For best results, compare performance and value before choosing.


The sound that each key makes when pressed is determined largely by the switch and, to a lesser extent, by the quality of construction and design of the keyboard. It’s a matter of the materials used to make the keyboard and the internal configurations.

In general, you may prefer click switches if you prefer a loud, typewriter-like sound, or line switches for quieter, less disruptive performance. Somewhere in the middle are the touch switches with almost noiseless tapping sounds. They are cheaper than shelf space.

Quality of construction

You also want your keyboard to be well built and to last. I.e. keys that don’t come off after a month, characters that don’t disappear after a few clicks, media that doesn’t break easily, etc. are all common problems with cheap keyboards.

What you want here is a keyboard made from high-quality materials like aluminum, which is usually used for the case and top plate. This material is strong, durable, light and will undoubtedly last a long time.


In terms of design, this ranges from aesthetics to physical layout and functionality. You need to see how these things are set up visually and how that set up works for you, especially when it comes to your game.

For example, there are a million options for white mechanical keyboards alone. There are white wireless game keyboards, some are wired, some are full and much smaller, some are RGB lit, etc. This means you have many options in terms of color, lighting, size, connection type and customization options.


The degree of customization of your keyboard determines how much you can customize and optimize your keyboard to make your work run optimally, efficiently and smoothly. The same applies if you use the keyboard to work or play.

There are many factors that affect customization, for example. B. Additional buttons, macro buttons and lighting modes and effects. There are even custom keyboards that allow you to completely change the layout with the QMK.


One of the most important features of the gaming keyboard is the anti-homing feature. This ensures that every key pressed is saved, even if you press several keys at once.

Think about it: When you play a game, you want to make sure that you don’t make mistakes and lose to your opponents because your keyboard can’t handle the absorption of the different entries. That’s why anti-homing and N-key flipping are important.

Latest tips: Cleaning the keyboard

White gaming keyboards are cool, fun and stylish. This is the reason why many players tend to equip their devices with the best white gaming keyboards. However, one of the problems with these items is that without proper maintenance, they can easily become dirty and even yellow.

If you buy a white RGB keyboard, always clean it with a damp microfiber cloth (preferably with vinegar and rubbing alcohol), wipe it clean and repeat weekly. And don’t forget to wipe your hands, especially after eating your favorite chips!

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