7 Best Code Editor That You Should Use in 2021

It doesn’t matter if you’re a new web developer or if you’ve been in the business for years. You always need a code editor to edit anything related to your work. In other words, it’s a necessary tool that should be in your toolbox.

What is the best code editor? Well, don’t worry because we are here today with this article to introduce you to the top 7 code editors for 2021. We did our research so you wouldn’t waste your time.

Best code editor

7 Best code editor for Windows, Mac and Android

It is always your personal choice that is preferred. You won’t argue about who made the best personal choice, so let’s dive into this article and everyone who reads it will be able to pick their favorite for their personal benefit. First on our list is this.

1. Microsoft Visual Studio Code

It was released in 2015 and since then Visual Studio has become the standard for software development. This code editor is developed by Microsoft and is available on all major platforms.

This means that developers on Windows, Mac and Linux can use this tool. The community using the Visual Studio code editor is very passionate. Because it is open source, the community works very hard because of the great competition. He’s one of the best in the world and still standing on his own two feet.

2. Atom

Atom is also owned by Microsoft. It is one of the most widely used code editors. Let’s announce the good news that it’s completely free. You can also customize it, and like the previous one, it is also open source. If the editor doesn’t have what you need, you can make it yourself.

Atom allows multiple developers to work on the same code from different locations. There is also good competition with Visual Studio coding software. It can be used on Mac, Windows and Linux platforms.

3. Large text

Next on our list is the sublime text. This standard is close to the industry standard for word processors. You can do all the work in a simple editor. Like the code editors mentioned above, this one has an active package that extends its capabilities far beyond the initial download.

However, it is not free. One of the key features of this system is its ridiculously intuitive system of keyboard shortcuts. Once you get used to it, you’ll wonder how you ever wrote a word without it.

4. Notebook++

It’s a very popular word processor, and you’ve probably heard of it. It is free and open source. It is very easy to use, which makes it even more popular. He makes no effort to compete. It is a simple code editor.

We’ll even go so far as to say it’s the best option for beginners. So if you’re one of them, you should probably write it down in the registry. Many professionals also use this editor. The only disadvantage of this editor is that it is only suitable for Windows.

5. Blue fish

This one is a bit advanced for the beginner, but professionals can still consider this editor. It is also free and supports almost all languages. Again, this is an open source editor.

It has a range of useful features that can be used on many platforms. A community based on this principle constantly updates the code editor. This editor can also handle very complex code. You can certainly write it down if you want.

6. BBEdit

This one is made of bare bone. He’s much more advanced than you think. We want to emphasize that this is not for beginners. You should have at least some experience before choosing this option.

Many developers use this code editor, and even if you haven’t heard of it, it’s very popular. This is a wealth of professional-level features for creating text-based editing code. However, one drawback is that you can only use this code editor in the Mac operating system. So keep that in mind.

7. Code

Code by Panic Inc. Everything you need to manually code a website can be found here. All the tools are there and you don’t have to look anywhere else. You also get a real-time view of your code.

The user interface of this code editor is also user-friendly and pleasant to look at. In addition, the software is regularly updated and improved to keep it up to date. The scripting language of this code editor is Cocoa, and you don’t need to know it. You can contribute in any other language.


We hope you found this article useful. The new year is here and we present you the 7 best code editors of 2021. There will always be other code editors on the internet, but only a few of them are really useful. We haven’t listed the averages, but you can check them too. In this article, we have only listed the best ones for you.

We hope you have found the perfect code editor for you and your needs. We have tried to include as many details as possible about these publishers. I hope you are able to understand and choose what suits you best. Thanks again for reading this article. Would you recommend it to your friends and family if you thought it was good enough. Have a nice day!

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