A collection of tips and notes I’ve made regarding new Dual Blades changes

MonsterHunterWorld10 is a collection of tips and notes I've made regarding new changes to double blades.

Hi guys, I’m not very organized, but I wanted to share some things I learned after a deep dive into the Dual Blades game, which I played mostly in Gen 4 and 5. They may be widely known, but in the few Dual Blades videos that highlight the changes, many of these things were not mentioned, so I’m just going to paste here everything I’ve learned that I think is worthwhile and hopefully it will help someone! Let me know if you find out anything else about the guns I missed!

This weapon is much more powerful than it appears at first glance.

(It’s not in any particular order, just what my brain can remember. What I consider to be important changes, I’ve highlighted in bold).

  • Stamina in demon mode now recovers when you are knocked out by a roar instead of degrading more slowly.
  • You can now permanently link X combos in Demon and Archidemon mode by activating a new redirection move by pointing the sticks in a new direction in the middle of the combo. This refreshes the whole combo and can be done after the paver.
  • Attack X Silkbind does not break your combination, which is relevant to the following tip….
  • If you run out of stamina in Demon mode, you will not be forced to leave Demon mode until your combo is exhausted. This can be as long as you want; it gives you full access to X, A, and Silkbind attacks, which are chained indefinitely until you want to end the combo.
  • To make the previous point even more valuable, the weapon now has a new move that is triggered by completing Demon mode in Archdemon mode in the middle of the combo. It performs a new, relatively powerful slash that looks a lot like the last move of the standard Demon mode combo, but is slightly faster. This allows you to go from demon to arc demon with class, speed and extra damage.
  • The Dodge Silkbind Adept’s attack can be redirected when a counterattack is activated, allowing the counterattack to be activated more accurately and reliably while maximizing damage.
  • For those who are new to the game or want to improve the guarding and evasion mechanics, you can set them to roar, which provides very reliable options to avoid extra damage and bad work.
  • The Demon Mode X antenna can be combined with the A antenna, activating the sting we all love.
  • You can run Wirebug Jump -> Demon Mode -> Attack to quickly perform a spin attack and inflict heavy mounting damage if necessary. You can’t do this from the ground with an Air Dash because you won’t be able to attack for too long.
  • A common misconception I heard in X Silkbind Attack. If you stab a kunai and attack a monster at any time, the kunai takes damage, you cannot touch the monster where you stabbed it. The damage will accumulate and explode based on the total number of hits you get on the monster, not on that specific location. For example, you can stab a monster in the tail just before it comes out of the roll, and then increase the damage by safely attacking the body/feet, and it will do massive damage to the tail.

I hope this advice helps others. It’s not enough to justify the video or anything else, but there are a lot of missed opportunities to talk about it in the very popular Dual Blades videos these days. I honestly think the double blades have become too powerful in MRChise, and a lot could change, but the flexibility and power we have access to is astronomical.

Thanks for reading, and if you have any information you find useful regarding firearms, please don’t hesitate to let me know! Thank you!

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Poster A collection of tips and notes I made about the new Dual Blades changes for Monster Hunter World.

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