A different take on concealment game mechanics

We have a lot of posts about resumes, skill redesign, etc., but I think there are other game mechanics that need to be reworked. A warning, a small wall of incoming texts ….

Hide and seek

It’s just a theory, but what if it’s just for fun. I’d be surprised if WG could accomplish that, even if only in a separate game mode, perhaps a more realistic or historical game mode.

There are a few quirks in the mechanics of the game that we’ve become accustomed to, but I rarely see posts questioning them.

Frankly, some of these mechanisms are not very intuitive and certainly not good, fun or realistic. They led to some of the flow of meta and gameplay we have now. One of the biggest problems with the CV is the stains. I want to question whether the cache system, which WoW clearly inherited from WoT, is a good game mechanic, and explore whether there might be other interesting alternatives.

Some of this weird stuff and other visibility issues:

  • Ships go in and out invisibly (yes, it’s strange, especially if it’s a BB at 12 km in clear weather). Even if the scale of the game is off, they are still huge cars.
  • Ships are invisible behind the island, while almost half of their hulls should be visible.
  • The radar value is too high and is ignored by the couplers. I wouldn’t tell a matchmaker, but if I did… Radar ships can do very well without radar, but I wouldn’t want to remove it and change the mechanics around it.

Some of my ideas, don’t hesitate to add yours. It could be a whole concept, but maybe I missed something. The theme is stealth, target finding and aiming. Things should be intuitive and natural, and not as artificially created rules, as they are now.

  • All ships are still exposed. Even across the islands and through the smoke. Of course, the smoke must be dense enough to completely hide what is inside (volumetric smoke). For example like in armored warfare, where this is very well implemented). But the ship is only half smoked. The same goes for the ships behind the islands. If you stick your nose out, it might get ripped off.
  • The concealment of a ship is essentially the area where you can target and track it. That means you can see the ship from a great distance, but you can’t aim for it. Shooting without aiming is possible, but very inaccurate (maybe even more inaccurate than now) and dependent on RNG.
  • Ships in the hiding area are shown on the thumbnail map as positions, but without the name of the ship (just a dot on the thumbnail map).
  • The ships you or your team are targeting are marked on the minimap with the ship’s name, and the interface shows success points, ship class, and player name.
  • Time to reach the target: When you select a ship as the target, the ship searchers begin their work and become more accurate over time as long as that ship is the target. The amount of increase depends on the firing rate and the set value for the ship’s trim. This allows you to make good decisions, such as: take another shot at the target with good accuracy or switch to a cruiser that aims far but with less accuracy? This also increases the chances of survival for COs, since they are usually attacked at random and not chased for long periods of time. Spontaneous fire is just less effective. The basic idea must be: small gun -> faster aiming
  • Radar/Hydro: If radars have always been used to target ships, I would not allow them to be used as a tool to target ships for gambling reasons. Only miniature dots on the map. This greatly devalues the radar, which is a good thing if you think the matchmaker is not taking it into account at all. Radar specifications can be adjusted, range, duration, charging, etc.
  • One-time damage while actively targeting a ship also gives an increased xp yield. Targeted ships are marked on the minimap and given a name, allowing for better targeting of fire and DDs, which don’t do much damage, but can be rewarded in the end.
  • no more modules changing the cloak. It’s just stupid. These ships are invisible and have no antipredator paint or Romulan camouflage. Find another customizable value for the modules and captain’s specifications. The size of the ship and the visibility is pretty simple.
  • The ship’s class is not shown in the player list until the ship is selected as a target, so the correct setting is unknown at first. Learning to identify remote targets is not so easy and can provide an additional strategic layer through ship identification.
  • Aircraft do not offer passive seating
  • a plane against a ship: When playing CV, you must press X to reach the target or identify ships and spot as few as possible. This makes the identification of vessels for a CV non-trivial. Add the short time required to deliver a minimum point, for example. B. a few seconds of aircraft focus on the vessel until it is identified and marked at the minimum point.
  • Since the smoke is much stronger, shots from or through the smoke should be less effective, so maybe add some dispersion to the shots fired at that location. Again, as with many other things, there may be captain skills that improve shooting from/in smoke.

Reflections and questions :

  • Wouldn’t DD be at a disadvantage by losing the element of surprise? Somehow experienced players already know where the DDs, RPFs, torpedo paths etc are, which helps to limit the possibilities. In addition, DDs are small and can be easily overlooked. During the fight, just press Ctrl-J and watch for a bit. You still have the same separation methods as before. They are identified last because of the new mechanics, so in many cases opponents don’t even know what SD is.
  • Interaction between CV and DD. Wouldn’t DDs become even more prey than they already are? I don’t think so. Try to fly unmarked enemies and spy on DD. The user interface plays an important role here. A minimal point on the map removes the supporting fire, which in my experience is often a greater threat than the attack on the CV itself.
  • the highlight of the cannon: I don’t know if/what this is supposed to affect visibility, but it can probably stay as is. Perhaps with a change in one or two parameters of the module, or the skills of the captain. The basics of what I want to fire back in response to the shots need to be saved or we go back to stealth firing, which we don’t want to happen again.
  • Wouldn’t that increase the value of the smoke? Yeah, definitely. However, I enjoyed meta-smoke (maybe 4 years ago?) more than radar or metamax for camouflage. I don’t think this class is smoke-free either.
  • Future things, also called substance: must not be in conflict with this system at all.
  • Class roles : Time spent on the target, which affects accuracy, can make a big difference in choosing which class to focus on to be effective. Ships that can obstruct vision are better at dodging gunfire attacks, and gunfire is also less effective. On the other hand, cruisers can perform better, and for DDs, sights and accuracy don’t matter as much as they used to.
  • I hope that the time to target and the accuracy of firing will bring the ships closer together so they can fire more accurately at each other. This is especially true for BB and high caliber. This should of course be visually reflected in the user interface.
  • The game should be played in large areas: visual detection -> minimal spot -> target detection area and from there, largely as it is now

TL;DR : To remove an artificial and overly burdensome protection value from the equation, all vessels should be moved at all times. And a few other details that might get around that.

This is
hide-and-seek game mechanism.

Filter by inspiration. I have to admit, I can’t identify all those ships. I can probably do that, based on the ship’s identification.

Just press ctrl-j in the game to turn off the user interface, and imagine what the game could be like with a smaller user interface. The game looks great.

Let’s discuss this.

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