AC Valhalla Mission List – All Main Missions, Quests & Locations

There is a lot to do in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, and players naturally turn to the AC Valhalla mission list to find places and quests to play in the game. In this guide, we have listed all the major missions that must be completed to complete the campaign. In addition, there are many side missions. In these missions, you’ll meet good comrades, enemies, and ruthless bosses, and experience the twists and turns of Voror’s life.


List of Assassin Valhalla missions created – All main needs and locations


Check out the AC Valhalla mission list, which contains all the passages of history and the main quests you need to complete to complete the story.

Deployment list AC Valhalla – Rygjafilke

  • Honorary member
  • Clairvoyant comfort
  • Family matters
  • The Lost Prince
  • Rude awakening
  • A cruel fate
  • Birthday
  • Seas of Destiny



  • Swan House
  • Landing on the ground
  • Map of the alliance


  • The Sons of Ragnar
  • Barter
  • Temple walls
  • Rumors about Ledecrest
  • Heavy head.
  • Tilting the ladder
  • Hunting


  • The great dispersed army
  • Wetland orphans
  • The glory of the born-again
  • Development of the result
  • wicked father
  • Attack on Ravensburg
  • The stench of betrayal
  • Eel Island

East Anglia

  • Kingmaker
  • Nomadic Action
  • A triumphant return
  • Lift the iron
  • The fury of the sea
  • Wedding horns



  • The beer revolt
  • Pilgrimage to St. John’s Albany.
  • The blood of the stone
  • Firebombs
  • The split
  • Cyn Belle’s call
  • The Stone of Legend


  • Walls and shadows
  • Shoot arrow
  • Leeches
  • Compass ventilation


  • Military fatigue
  • Supply pipe
  • Plundering of Venlokana
  • The bloody path to peace
  • The Killer King



  • The gambit of the abbot
  • Dolls and prisoners
  • man for man
  • Fucking applause.


  • Unusual offer
  • Childhood sweetheart
  • Old injuries
  • Consulted on
  • twists and turns

South Dry

  • South River
  • Things always seem to happen when you least expect it….
  • Let them eat the ashes
  • scorched earth
  • Unwinding the lines
  • Attack on the wall
  • Of all this, it’s all in the past.


  • A noble escort
  • Back home.
  • In Eldorman’s absence…
  • Fresh and round ointment
  • Hit Lincoln.
  • Where the stone falls
  • Sword showers at Anekastra.



  • Welcome party
  • A fire that burns
  • Playing with the needle
  • Memory shutter


  • War in the North
  • Honor has two sides.
  • The road to Hamartia
  • That son of Jorvik
  • The pride of honor.
  • Blood and gangs
  • Lost Glory


  • Samhain’s first night
  • Clubs and puzzles
  • The stolen king
  • Love betrayed
  • Eviscerated
  • The man with the burning willow



  • Old friends
  • On borrowed time.
  • To embellish To embellish
  • Rowdy Raiders
  • Of blood and gods
  • Under the skin.
  • Pensions and legacies


  • The Winchester Brigade
  • Leaf Smothering
  • feathers the feathers
  • Establishment at sea


  • Where legends are born
  • The brother’s keeper


  • The end of the kingdom
  • The holy day


  • First look
  • Well traveled.
  • Defensive measures
  • Extended family
  • bond
  • The footprint of the cat
  • Take root.
  • The grand finale


  • Ironwood Mistress
  • The Lost Cauldron
  • A gift from the past
  • An unforgettable holiday
  • The price of wisdom


  • In a foreign country.
  • Hunting grounds
  • The Beast Hunter
  • Hunting banquet

In addition, you can complete many side missions that will enrich your adventure as a mighty Viking. With AC Valhalla’s list of missions, it’s time to fill them in one by one. If you need help, just search for the topic in our search function or check out our comprehensive Assassin’s Creed Valhalla wiki page.

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