Best Mario Kart Wii Mods Worth Trying –

If you are looking for a good board game, there are not many other games besides Mario Kart.

The Wii version also has one of the longest lists of playable characters among Mario Kart games. There are a total of 12 basic characters in the game, and another set of 12 unlockable characters that you can use throughout the game.

While the large list and multiple tracks ensure that there is something for everyone, mods can give you even more options.

If your favorite characters or pieces from other Mario Kart games aren’t included in Vanilla, you’re sure to find a mod for them.

Here are some of my personal favorites that are worth checking out.

9. SM64 Drowning shelter

SM64 that Fortress at MKWii

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The base game already offers a lot of variety in terms of the tracks available – including a mix of 16 new tracks and 16 retro tracks that you’ll probably remember from previous versions.

SM64 The Fortress of Whomp adds another retro card to the shuffle, but with a touch of fantasy.

King Whomp’s fortress was never transformed into a Mario Kart track, but was a level 64 Super Mario known for racing.

Modder oh ok has tweaked the map a bit to make it a playable Mario Kart track, making it a great addition to the available retro options.

8. GCDS pinball park

GCDS Pinball Park Mario Kart Wii mod

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Next up we have another retro option, this time from Mario Kart Wii’s direct predecessor, Mario Kart DS.

Modder Alfredo wanted to combine his two favorite MKDS titles, GCN Baby Park and DS Waluigi Pinball, which gave birth to BCDS Pinball Park.

It even comes with its own music file, which is a modified version of the SEGA Genesis Waluigi pinball soundtrack.

7. Galactica Coliseum Battle Arena

Battle Arena from Galactica Coliseum at MKWii.

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Another popular map in Mario Kart Wii was Galaxy Colosseum, but unfortunately it was only available on certain online tournaments.

Online gaming was one of the main features when the game launched, but support has since ceased with the closure of the WFC.

Of course, the mod community couldn’t let Galaxy Colosseum fall into oblivion, as the H1K0USEN modder allows you to play the map even in offline mode.

The mod also turns the map into a fully functional battle arena map instead of a typical race track.

6. Luigi on his feet

Luigi On Foot Mario Kart Wii Mode

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The new maps are only half the fun of modding Mario Kart.

There’s also a long list of character models to explore.

While this first one doesn’t really allow for the introduction of new characters into the game, it’s certainly one of the most interesting options.

Luigi On Foot basically replaces the Mach Bike in the game, allowing Luigi to walk without a car instead.

Who knew he could run so fast?

5. Audio

Screenshot of Sonic MKW mod

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Sonic, who comes from a completely different developer and has his own series of kart racing games, has never appeared in a Mario Kart game.

Without modification, of course, as Sonic mods are among the most common in a Mario Kart game.

The Mario Kart Wii game is no different.

The Lone Devil mud turns our favorite blue hedgehog into a runner in the game.

The mod even includes his Speed Star from Sega All Stars Racing and even a real sfx voice.

4. Darkey Mario

The Darky Mario Mod for Mario Kart Wii

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DarkyBenji is a name that cannot be overlooked when it comes to customizing Mario Kart.

He has made so many custom textures for the game that you can even get a mod called Darky Kart Wii that changes almost everything about the original.

The darkness of his name comes from the dark and distinctive appearance of his fur, making him hard to miss.

Darky Mario is by far one of his most downloadable mods, but there are also separate mods for some of his other characters and maps.

3. Pepsiman

Pepsiman Mario Kart Wii mod

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What follows may be a bit biased on my part and may not be known to many of you.

Pepsiman was huge when I was a kid, and I remember playing it when I was younger.

These days, you probably can’t even imagine a video game based on Pepsi. But in the early 2000s, that’s exactly what we got.

Mud cartuga_ gives us Pepsiman as the driver of Mario Kart Wii, and even offers us his own Pepsi racecars.

2. without colour Mod

Without Recolor Mod for MKWii

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Well, okay, Pepsiman might be too old for you – so here’s a newer character for younger players.

Sans from Undertale was introduced in Mario Kart Wii by the AtlasOmegaAlpha modder, but Bath has made some changes to give us more options on how Sans looks in the game.

The mod includes 17 different color options for Sans, but you still have to replace Wario to add it to the game.

1. Peter Griffin

Peter Griffin Mario Kart Wii mod

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If neither Pepsiman nor Sans seem very exciting to you, I hope this latest character mod will catch your attention.

We all love Family Guy, don’t we?

So who wouldn’t want to catch Peter Griffin in Mario Kart?

That’s right: Thanks to the snakey_spy modder, we can add Quahog’s Peter Griffin to the game – and it integrates perfectly, if you ask me.

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