Best PvP Classes in World of Warcraft Shadowlands

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Shadowlands’ latest expansion to World of Warcraft brings a host of new changes to the MMORPG we’ve all come to know and love. Today, there are more classes than ever to choose from and dozens of specializations to check out. If you want a quick and easy version of the best PvP options, we have it for you. Here are the best PvP classes in World of Warcraft Shadowlands, divided into melee DPS, rank DPS and healers.

It is very important to note that any class can be viable in the Shadowlands. If you see a class you like playing and it’s at the bottom of the list, it doesn’t mean it’s useless. We base these tier lists and our definition of the best PvP classes in World of Warcraft Shadowlands primarily on arena rankings and what most people are currently playing. Different builds will go up and down as the game develops and updates are released.

Best PvP classes in World of Warcraft Shadowlands

Below is a list of the best PvP classes in World of Warcraft Shadowlands, including melee DPS, rank DPS, and healers. The underplayed category represents features that are not too common in PvP, but may change in future patches.

Best Close Combat in the Shadow World of Warcraft

  • S-Tier: The warrior in arms and the warrior monk.
  • A-level: Paladin of Retribution, Shaman of Strength, Thick Thief, Wild Druid.
  • Level B : Knight of the Frozen Dead, Demon Hunter of the Wasteland.
  • C-Tier: The knight of unholy death, the hunter of survival.
  • The game is underplayed: Rogue Outlaw, Rogue Killer, Savage Warrior.

Weapon Warriors are by far one of the best DPS melee classes in WoW Shadowlands. The class has constant damage and tons of utility, making it one of the hardest and most durable characters. Between disarmament, fear, banners, prohibition reflexes and other movements, they have an answer for everything.

Windwalker Monk is another great DPS fighting class for PvP. While it is slightly easier to kill them than the weapon warrior, it is almost impossible to fix them in the same position. In addition, this species can do tremendous permanent damage, especially thanks to the Kyrie Accord for faster cold recovery.

Best DPS value in the shadow world of Warcraft

  • S-Tier: Fire wizard, druid of balance, priest of shadow…
  • A-level: Suffering wizard, Mark Hunter, elemental shaman.
  • Level B : A secret sorcerer, a sorcerer of destruction.
  • C-Tier: Frost Mag,
  • The game is underplayed: Master beast hunter, devil worshipper.

Fire Mage is a DPS class that is currently getting a lot of attention in Shadowlands PvP. Between the trinity neighborhoods, energy channels, and new life modifying behaviors, they are not only difficult to remove, but can cause significant damage.

Another class that came out on top after the beta test is the equilibrium druids. The convoy is incredibly overloaded right now, so we’ll probably see a nerve at some point. Balance druids have incredible damage from a stellar predator, but they are also difficult to kill.

One S-level DPS area that remains strong is Shadow Priest. They can do a lot of damage if needed and instantly control a crowd. Given their lightning-fast movements and survival skills, they are a nightmare to encounter. They are also very useful for the composition of many teams. Unlike Druid Balance, Shadow Priests is quite complete and makes an excellent addition to many different comps.

Finally, Elemental Shaman can be found between level S and level A of the DPS range. They may not be as smart or as tenacious as a balance druid or a firefighter, but they have an arsenal of skills that can make a dent in someone’s life. Between Lightning Lasso, Lava Blast and Earth Shield, they are undoubtedly powerful and can surprise you with a single random shot.

Best PvP healers for World of Warcraft Shadowlands

  • S-Tier: Saint Paladin
  • A-level: Disciplinary priest, restorative shaman
  • Level B : Druid Recorder
  • C-Tier: The foggy monk
  • The game was underplayed: the priest

One of the best PvP class healers in World of Warcraft Shadowlands to nominal arena content, including 2v2 and 3v3, is the Holy Paladin. The super mana type is efficient, has excellent blast healing, many defense options and extensive damage. Kyrie seems to be the group of choice due to its legendary shock barrier.

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