Best reselling apps in India (2021)

Reselling products is one of the best ways to make money online. On a resale platform, you need to find products and sell them to Internet users at a higher price. If you like the product, you can order it yourself. If you find the right products and people buy the item with the URL you share, you can make a good profit without investing even a rupee in the resale business. Resale applications in India are also a good alternative to online shopping applications that are only available to sellers with a Goods and Services Tax number. In fact, you can sell products online through a reseller application without having to register a business or apply for a GST number if your turnover is below the required limit (40 lakhs). There are several reseller applications in India. Here is a list of the best applications among the lot:

Applications for the best resellers



Masho has over 10 million dealers on board. It is the most popular resale application in India. When you launch Meesho, the application plays an introductory video that introduces you to the resale process on Meesho. After watching the video, you need to select the category or product you want to sell. There are over 150 categories to browse and hundreds of thousands of products to choose from. Once you find a product, you need to share it with the people you want to sell it to. The Meesho application has a special button for promotions. When someone buys an item and pays for it, you have to place an order in the Meesho. In the application, you can set the profit margin. For example, if the price of an item is 4000 rupees, you can resell it for 4500 rupees, where 500 rupees is your profit margin. Meesho has the ability to copy the product description to the clipboard, so there is no need to rewrite the description when distributing the product. The Meesho has a feature called “sales goal.” If you reach your goal, you will receive additional incentives.

Applications for resellers such as Meesho


Glowroad App

According to the company that launched this application, GlowRoad allows you to earn up to 50,000 rupees per month. Unlike Meesho, where you can explore your collection without opening an account, you need to verify your phone number and register with GlowRoad to explore the categories. GlowRoad has 1,000 products grouped into 100 categories. Most of the products available on GlowRoad are sold at wholesale prices, according to GlowRoad. The application allows you to join the “Members Club,” where you can find exclusive offers as a member. It allows companies to create their own online store. The store will only contain items sold/made by the company.

Downloading from the Play Store



Shop101 is a resale application used by nearly one million users and more than 20,000 wholesalers. The company has successfully completed more than one million transactions worth more than $100 million. If you are a buyer, you can get 101 rupees on your first order. Shop101 offers many categories and different types of products. It makes payments to resellers in a timely manner.

Benefits of reselling applications

Unlike shopping applications like Amazon and Flipkart, which require GST registration, you are not asked to provide a GST number for reselling products like saris, clothes, jewelry, etc. You can start making money online for free by simply sharing product links. The application will generate a special link/URL.

Are the applications safe or secure? Yes, the three largest resale applications in India that I mentioned above have raised several million dollars to support their operations. Some of the largest companies have funded Meesho, GlowRoad and Shop101. In terms of quality, the products may or may not be of good quality, as most products are cheap copies of branded or unbranded products. For example, if you search for “levis” on Meesho, the merchant application will show t-shirts with the word “levis” on them. No one will know if the t-shirt is real or not, as long as the user buys the product and shares their comments on it.

Who is in charge of shipping? The company behind the applications provides the product. All you have to do is find customers for the company. Companies have return policies. They accept online payments and cash on delivery orders. They also have a dedicated customer service department if you need help.

Frequently asked questions

What is the best application for resale in India?

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What is the best application for resale?

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Which is better – Meesho or GlowRoad?

1. Meesho has the lowest price and best products available Vs GlowRoad. 2. GlowRoad products also have low price and better quality products, but the price is too high Vs Meesho.

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