Factory Unlock An iPhone – Easy Methods

Mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives and we are completely dependent on them. They used to be used only for messages and calls, but today people use them for all tasks. There are various applications that allow you to make purchases, apply for jobs, take online courses, etc.

About 20 years ago, there were no cell phones and people had a lot of trouble communicating. But today, the era has seen a revolution and smartphones are playing the role of humans. Using a smartphone is like having a laptop in your pocket that allows you to do anything, anywhere using the internet.

It’s a world where Apple runs everything. Everyone wants to buy an iPhone to proudly stand out in society. It has indeed become a sign of identity. Because not everyone can afford the price of an iPhone, it is possible to buy refurbished phones that have been repaired by certain defects and can be offered for resale. These phones have a much lower failure rate and may work well because the manufacturer has repaired them to meet specifications. However, buying a used phone is not a bad idea because you can buy it at a discounted price.

If you want to buy a new or used phone, there are two types, locked and unlocked. Closed-circuit phones have a low price, but an added benefit. They have a warranty, but unlocked phones have no warranty. You can learn more about the iPhones factory unlocked for 2020 and their prices to your advantage. Unlocking your iPhone allows you to use your phone with a different operator. Therefore, it is important to unlock your iPhone at the factory so that you can use any operator.

Some people want a new phone when it comes on the market. The only way to get it is to buy an unlocked phone. You have to pay cash immediately and you can use all the offers of the supplier. In addition, some people are attached to a carrier and want to change carriers. The factory unlocked phone allows you to play with different operators.

Previously, phones could be unlocked by simply entering the correct unlock code. Unfortunately, iPhones are not so easy to unlock. We need to take special measures to unlock the iPhone from the factory. Advances in mobile technology have also increased security, and it’s now hard to beat the level of security until you get the right information.

Apple is not interested in controlling the network you communicate with, but in security and privacy. And that makes it difficult for iPhone users to unlock their phones. But this article will help you check the best way to unlock your iPhone at the factory in 2020.

What is the difference between a locked and an unlocked iPhone?

There was a time when iPhones in the U.S. were sold with lock and key, but after a while Apple started selling iPhones that were not factory locked. Previously, customers paid full price for locked iPhones and phones with a security code as the primary lock. Are you searching for buying Instagram followers cheap then check out gpc.fm they provide cheap and active Instagram followers too.

This prevents the user from accessing the phone’s programming and using a network operator. Factory unlocked iPhones have been available in Europe since the beginning, and in the US since 2011. Unlocked iPhones are devices that use GSM technology, which means they contain SIM cards.

When the phone is unlocked, it means that you can insert a SIM card into the phone and it is now connected to any mobile operator. Now you can communicate with people all over the world by sending messages, making calls and accessing the internet. Third parties selling iPhones at the factory because they allow a SIM card to be used in conjunction with any wireless carrier.

Why are most iPhones sold on lock?

When the iPhone was launched in the United States, Apple and AT&T decided to sell unlocked iPhones at a discount by signing a contract with the customer. If it is possible to unlock an iPhone before it is sold, it must be hacked, a process called jailbreaking.

If the client fails to abide by the contract, he is exposed to a heavy penalty in the form of a large severance payment. The company controls its price by tying the customer to a long-term contract.

What is escape?

If you want to unlock your phone, but you can’t afford a factory lock, you can hack your phone. This process is called escape. This process unlocks your iPhone and any operator can access it. This procedure is legal, but it will void the manufacturer’s warranty.

Benefits of unlocking the factory iPhone?

Unlocked iPhones have a number of benefits, including B. You don’t have to change carriers when traveling abroad. You can use the same phone and switch networks without losing service. Since evasion is a complicated process, it ruins the iPhone’s warranty.

These phones are compatible with the use of SIM cards. If the customer does not use the network services, he can simply replace his card. These services are not valid for locked iPhones. These are some of the reasons why people usually prefer a factory unlocked iPhone.

What’s wrong with unlocking your iPhone at the factory?

The biggest drawback to buying a factory unlocked iPhone is the cost. The price of a locked iPhone is lower than that of an unlocked iPhone. The carrier sponsored closed phones to lower their prices. Closed-circuit phones seem cheaper when purchased in advance.

If you plan to use the same carrier for an extended period of time and no international travel is planned, there is no incentive to purchase an unlocked iPhone. You also need to buy an iPhone that is unlocked with a one-time payment. Another drawback is that you still have to deal with the limitations of locked phones.

factory unlock iPhone – follow 10 ways

Factory unlocked iPhone

  1. One of the most common methods for factory unlocking is to send a request to your carrier to unlock your iPhone. It is also known as factory unlock or IMEI unlock. This method is recommended by Apple.
  2. Unlocking hardware can unlock your iPhone. This is the case if you go to a cell phone store and they have made some changes to unlock your iPhone.
  3. Unlocking the software is also a process to unlock the iPhone, but it is risky because it can damage the internal memory. Now that process has stopped working.
  4. R-SIM is a technique for unlocking the iPhone. The R-SIM is a small chip located under the SIM card in the tray of the iPhone.
  5. One method is to check with a reputable service provider. You will have to wait 3 to 5 days for the treatment. And then check your status.
  6. One option is to use Doctor Unlock, as they offer their services very quickly. The IMEI number is required to unlock the iPhone.
  7. Instant unlock is another way to unlock your iPhone. You need to provide your IMEI number in the box and online and you will get your iPhone unlocked instantly.
  8. The best provider is the official iPhone Unlock, which takes 2-3 days to unlock your iPhone at the factory. In that case you don’t have to pay twice. The first payment will be deducted in full. On this page, you need to enter your IMEI number and operator to unlock your iPhone.
  9. To unlock your iPhone on the Vodafone network, you must create an account and provide the required information. There are no costs involved.
  10. If you have an EE account and have been using it for at least 6 months without having any bills, you can unlock your iPhone by paying a few rupees.

Here are 10 ways to factory unlock your iPhone to connect to any operator. Now, there is good and bad in the iPhone unlock factory. Well, let’s see:


  • Use your iPhone with a different operator
  • Possibility to modify the software
  • The factory unlock of the GSM phone can be activated via the SIM card.
  • Useful for foreign carriers
  • Allows you to switch operators without having to buy a new phone.


  • Unlocking your phone at the factory is expensive….
  • The software you are modifying may contain a virus.
  • Basically, you have to pay to unlock your iPhone.
  • There are limits.
  • Escape can damage your iPhone while maximizing its benefits

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

V: How do I unlock my iPhone at the factory?

A : To unlock your iPhone at the factory, you need to check if your operator allows you to unlock the phone, because only the operator can unlock the phone. Send a request to the network operator to unlock the iPhone. For this, certain conditions must be met. You must first meet these requirements and then ask your operator to unlock your iPhone. If your operator has sent you a confirmation that he has unlocked your iPhone, you need to follow a few simple steps:

If you have another medium:

  • Remove the SIM card and insert a new one.
  • Restart your iPhone.

If you have the same host:

  • Back up your iPhone.
  • Format your iPhone.
  • Reset your iPhone.


Insert a SIM card that is compatible with your iPhone, otherwise your iPhone will not be unlocked.

V: How do I unlock my iPhone 7 at the factory?

A : If you want to unlock the iPhone 7, you need to provide the IMEI number for the application. You can dial *#06# for this security code. Second: You need to use the right carrier to unlock the iPhone 7. You must unlock the network you are using. Then follow the steps above to first send a request to your carrier and follow their instructions to unlock your iPhone 7 at the factory.

F: How do I check if my phone is factory unlocked?

A : To check whether the phone is factory locked or unlocked, it is important to know the IMEI number, which is a 15-digit security code issued by all phones in the world. You can get this number by simply dialing *#06#. You will then receive a message with a 14-digit code. This code is used to obtain information about your phone, such as phone status, warranty, etc. Once you have received the IMEI number, click on the link http://www.imei.info/. Enter the IMEI number in the text field and press the Check button.

A new window appears with information about the phone, including model, brand, and other specifications. There is a button called Free SIM lock status. Tap this button to check the status of your phone.


In short, unlocked phones are not limited to a specific operator, but can be connected to any operator and can be used when traveling abroad, etc. By simply swapping the SIM card inside, you can connect to the world and enjoy the benefits and offers of an unlocked iPhone. The SIM card is essentially the central support that allows you to switch operators. If you change network operators, you must also change the SIM card.

To get rid of the problem of locked and unlocked phones, some people prefer to buy devices called factory unlock from different retailers. Most vendors sell unlocked models, as Apple does for iPhones, Google does for its Pixel phones, etc. Especially if you buy an unlocked iPhone, check that it works with the carrier you plan to use. This step is not necessary when purchasing a wireless phone, as they offer phones that can perform tasks on their network.

So there is no reason to unlock an iPhone or buy a locked phone. This is just so you can freely change network providers. You can use local SIM cards without roaming charges. Ultimately, an unlocked iPhone increases its market value.

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