Hidden Gems for your new PS5

A new PS5 console is coming in 2020, with a range of great entry-level games.

Finding the perfect game for you can be a little tricky with everything we offer. Now that the PS5 is backwards compatible, there is so much variety that it can be hard to find the best one.

There’s something for everyone on the PS5, with numerous third-party blockbusters like Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and exclusive titles like Spider-Man: Miles Morales from Marvel. You just have to know where to look when you’re looking for your next PS5 adventure. There are some real hidden gems in the gaming world that few people know about or hear about. Some games don’t get the recognition they deserve because they come from less common developers or don’t get as much publicity.

The PS5 is still small and has managed to build up an impressive list of games in just a few months. You can also check out some old PS4 games that are currently being improved and updated. Ghost of Tsushima and Gone Days are among the “classics” you can try on the new console.

If you don’t know where to start, we’ve compiled a list of some lesser-known PS5 games that aren’t always seen on billboards or on the side of the bus. That doesn’t mean they are unknown or bad. These games are among the best and deserve some recognition. Here are a few not-so-hidden gems to discover.

While it was not the best game on the PS4, significant improvements have been made to make it even better on the PS5. The graphics have been improved and are now available at 60 frames per second, providing a smooth gaming experience even in high-resolution mode. The game responds faster to battles and the backgrounds and graphics really come to life thanks to the higher frame rate.

There is also a multiplayer mode called Legends, which should be much better than before. This game works best on a 4K HDP TV and will really shine there.

This game is perfect for families and perfect for kids. It even rivals the critically acclaimed Super Mario 3D World as one of the best games for the whole family. The design is fantastic and it offers four-player cooperation with brilliant and challenging gameplay.

Game developers have managed not to fall into the same trap as many other developers when targeting the younger generation. The game challenges people of all ages and provides hours of entertainment while looking great and taking you on serious and fun adventures.

Don’t ignore this game. It is a real gem, hidden from those who regret it.

This game really shows everything the new console is capable of. By far the best packaged game since Wii Sports, it is a true work of art.

Pre-installed on every PS5, the game features razor-sharp 4K graphics, stunning 3D sound and showcases the new DualSense controller perfectly.

Thanks to Sony’s wide range of vibrations and new haptic feedback, you’ll experience a sense of control you never imagined. The triggers are customizable and offer an immersive yet surreal experience that reflects exactly what the game developers envisioned.

After you’ve played the full game and experienced all the magic, you’ll need to uninstall, as the game will make your PS5 slower due to the size of the game. Unless you want to relive the addictive game Astro Game Room.

So don’t neglect these games because they are kid-friendly, labeled as “fun for the whole family,” or because they weren’t as good on previous consoles. Give these games a chance, and why not enjoy a game that shows off all the new features of the PS5? You’ll learn all the benefits, tricks and new technologies the developers have created and have fun playing.

Frequently asked questions

What PS5 accessories should I buy?

The best PS5 accessories you can buy now | Tom’s Guide.

How much will PS5 accessories cost?

Prices for PS5 accessories are as follows: DualSense Wireless Controller: 69.99 USD / 69.99 ¥ / 109.95 AUD. PULSE 3D Wireless Headset : 99.99 USD / 9,980 ¥ / 99.99 € / 159.95 AUD. HD camera : 59.99 USD / 5,980 ¥ / 59.99 € / 99.95 AUD.

Can you really get a free PS5?

Well, no. You don’t get a free PS5. You can get it for free or something, but somebody paid for it. You can’t get a PS5 for free because it’s also a console and has production costs that the company takes from you.

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