How to complete The Lee Hong Derivation Escalation Contract in Hitman 3

Lee Hong’s deduction is perhaps Hitman 3’s hardest climb yet. Percival’s passage allowed for the removal of the sidewheels and for players to find the best way through the place, but now the timing comes into play with this climb. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the three steps of Lee Hong’s product escalation and give you a few tips to make it easier for you.

Step 1 – Basic trio

In the first level of this escalation you have to appease the police chief, kill the red dragon and kill the blue lotus with an explosion.

Their original location is very convenient. From there you need to go left and over the railing, over the small footbridge, over the wall and up to the breach in the wall on the other side.

Here you can cling to the ledge and go right until you reach the ravine. Get in the car.

At the top of this ledge is a walkway with a guard coming towards you. Wait till he does. You can take out the guard and hide his body in a vault nearby. Just make sure his friend doesn’t notice him. While he’s gone, it’s time to take a different path. It sits right in front of the trunk where you just stored the body. Don’t forget to take the crowbar from the cash register before you leave.

And now step forward to see the chief of police.

At the moment there are two possibilities. First the police chief stands alone and the other two guards stand together. Then one guard will be alone and the other with the police chief. Anyway, the rest is easy.

Start sneaking up on the guard(s) to your left. Knock them down with a crowbar, and then do the same with the police chief. From there, we have to hide the police chief’s body so no one wakes him up. You don’t have to kill him.

One less target, now grab that sniper rifle you’ve been dying to use and go back where you came from.

Follow exactly the path you chose to come here, to your starting point. The next destination is the Blue Lotus. He walks through to the limousine parked outside. If you point the sniper rifle and look at the front wheel, you will see an object in the middle of the wheel. Wait until the target is close, then fire. This causes an explosion that kills the target.

The last target is in the cable car and goes up and down all the time. You could easily take him out of his starting position here. Wait for the cable pass to come through the opening in the buildings to your right, and pull through the glass.

It’s time to deal with it. Drop your sniper rifle and head for the exit. No one will see you, so you can take your time and use all the exits.

Step 2 – Making it difficult

On the second level, this climb throws a lot of things at you. The first three objectives are the same, except now you have to kill the red dragon with the golden dragon sniper rifle. If you change your disguise at any point, the climb will fail. Two new destinations are also planned. First Mogwai Zong, who you have to poison and then kill with a gun. The second is Li Hong, that you have to kill the Golden Dragon in his beginning disguise.

The beginning of this level coincides with level 1. Follow the same path to the second roof, where you’ll deal with the first guard. Once you have made the gutter larger, lift the brick at the top of the eaves. Use it to take out the guard. If you hide his body, don’t forget to take his gun. Take a crowbar and go to the next roof.

Use the crowbar to get the police chief and his colleagues out as you did in the first level. Hide his body, grab the sniper rifle, and now turn around and aim at Mogwai Tsung. You can see it on the sidewalk, by looking away or by eating something.

With the crowbar in hand, go to the door on the right where you see Mogwai Tsung. Make sure to dodge the hovering radars by moving away from the green space on the ground. Open the gate and catch the rat poison in that area to your left. Now open the blue doors and you should see Mogwai Tsung.

The key here is to wait until Mogwai Tsung walks by the side of the road and watch him for a few seconds. As soon as he moves, sneak into his office. You should have enough time to poison his food and sneak away.

Wait until the poison comes out, because Mogwai Tsung swallows it with his big mouth. You can see it because the retina above his head turns into a thin white circle. Once this happens, use the gun you grabbed earlier to shoot him in the head. If you do this in the hallway, you’ll attract the attention of the guards nearby, so flee as soon as he’s dead.

It is time to return to the starting point. Instead of immediately killing the Blue Lotus or the Red Dragon, focus on Li Hong. He eats his food in a restaurant directly above the Blue Lotus. You can shoot him through the glass with the Golden Dragon.

Use the sniper rifle and kill the Blue Lotus again with an explosion. You can defeat the red dragon as he rides his cable car. Again: There’s no emergency here. Drop your weapon and find your way out to complete Level 2. Enjoy your time off while it lasts.

Step 3 – You have five minutes.

Level 3 is the same as level 2, but you must complete all tasks and walk for five minutes. We found the best way to reach each destination and leave Chongqing on time. To do this, follow the path you took through levels 1 and 2. However, the order in which you clear your goals has changed.

From your starting position, follow the same path as for the second level. Take out the first guard and steal his gun. Don’t forget the crowbar. Once you’re on the same roof as the police chief, start poisoning Mogwai Tsung.

Go through the door, take the poison, go through the next doors and poison the food. Now we have to sneak out, get a crowbar and get the police chief and his two guards outside. Hide the body, get the sniper rifle, then go back to Mogwai Zong.

He should be poisoned by now, and you can shoot him in the head from the broken wall you climbed over to get here.

Now turn around and look for the opening in the buildings where the red dragon passes with his cable car. If you’re on time, he should come by. Use the sniper rifle to shoot him through the windows. If you don’t get the chance, you’ll get a second chance later. As soon as she dies or disappears from sight, you’re back to square one.

Go back up along the path until you reach a broken wall where you must have fallen and landed on a ledge. Two guards are standing on a small platform nearby, so stay out of sight and draw your sniper rifle.


As you’ll see, Li Hong and Blue Lotus can both be shot and killed from here. Kill Li Hong first, as he will escape when you set off the explosion below to kill the Blue Lotus.

If those two targets are dead, you’re almost done. Don’t worry, you’ll get a second chance at the Red Dragon. From this roof there is a passage to the house. Head in and out.

From there, our guide varies depending on whether you’ve already killed the red dragon or not. If so, drop your sniper rifle and run outside to find the nearest exit. You have to walk to the left and back up the road to the motorcycle.

If you haven’t killed a red dragon yet, use the crowbar to take out the civilian on the ground floor of the building. The explosion will attract all the guards, so you can equip your sniper rifle and wait for the red dragon to pass by.

You can open the doors of the building and have a beautiful view of where the cable cars pass. Take this opportunity to shoot and kill the red dragon. If you don’t, you’ll have to start climbing again. Once you’ve done that, walk left and up the street to the exit we talked about earlier.

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