Rocket League Update 1.92 – Patch Details PS4/PC/Xbox One

Psyonix has released a new update for Rocket League, which is now available for download on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The Rocket League 1.92 update includes new features, new content, bug fixes, and more. We will bring you all the details of this update on February 2. WANT to know bugha fortnite settings?

Check out the full changelog in Rocket League Update v1.92, dated February 2, 2021.

Rocket League Patch Notes 1.92

Rocket League 1.92 Patch Notes, the latest update has added new Fennec decals, new settings and quality of life changes.

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  • New Fennec stickers have been added to the Export Shop
  • Added the drop-down list “Effect strength” to the video parameters
  • The NFL LV Super Bowl celebration begins Feb. 2.



  • The NFL Super Bowl LV celebration begins February 2 at 8 a.m. Pacific Time (PST) / 4 p.m. Pacific Time (UTC). The event includes :
    • The new Gridiron LTM will be available as an occasional playlist
    • New challenges will be available this week. Completing the challenges will unlock new NFL-themed items and XP bonuses.
    • The NFL fan will be in stores from February 2 to 8.


  • The new Fennec sticker is now available for all 18 teams in the Esports Store.


Load intensity

  • Based on community feedback, the “Intensity of Impact” drop-down menu was added to the “Settings > Video” menu.
  • Standard: All arena effects work well
  • Weakness:
    • Flashing lights and pulse effects are disabled.
    • Reduce or deactivate motion effects, lighting, and background images.
    • Reduce the brightness of the backlight (if needed)
    • Music playback is turned off
  • The effect intensity settings apply only to the “Neon Fields” arena.

Rocket Pass

  • Pro-Tiers: As of version 1.91, the right to purchase Pro-Tiers depends on the player’s Rocket Pass level at the time of purchase.
    • Players from level 1 to 40 can purchase any level bundle
    • Players from level 41 to 58 can buy up to 12 levels
    • Players of level 59-64 can buy up to 6 levels
    • Players in levels 65-69 can buy a level each.
    • Players of level 70 or higher can unlock Pro levels as they progress.
  • Rocket Pass Premium: Players on the free Rocket Pass route starting at level 59 can purchase the Premium Pass, but not the Premium + 12 level.
  • In both cases, players who are ineligible and want to buy a bonus or level bundle will receive an error message.


  • Fixed error in display when free calls were not counted correctly
  • Tournament prizes won on different platforms can now be redeemed together
  • Nintendo Switch] The Item Shop menu displays the Featured tab correctly when first selected.
  • PlayStation, Xbox] Fixed multiple crash/freeze scenarios related to linked accounts and/or split screen.
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to trade unique credits
  • Event header banners in the main menu open the “Challenge” menu as expected.
  • The DigiGlobe and HoloData door explosions in the bands have been repaired.
  • The MVP’s anthem is played even if the other team is eliminated or withdraws.
  • Nintendo Switch] Fixed bug when resetting songs in music playlists.
  • Calling the playlist via the keyboard no longer skips the current track.
  • A bug in Player 2’s Split Screen Quick Chat has been fixed.

Source: Psionics

Download the free Rocket League 1.92 update for PS4 and Xbox One , For more information and the latest updates, stay tuned to TheGameRoof

Frequently asked questions

Can you transfer a Rocket League account from the Xbox to the PC?

Please note that it is not currently possible to transfer an account from one platform to another, as cross-platform sharing is not a feature in Rocket League, nor is it a service we offer.

Can you transfer a Rocket League account from PS4 to PC?

Rocket League is currently available on PS4, Xbox, Switch and PC, so your progress on the console, for example, can also come to PC. This feature is available with an Epic Games account, so you’ll need to create one or log in to an existing account to get started.

Can Xbox and PC players play Rocket League together?

Rocket League now offers full cross-platform gameplay between PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC. … Psyonix has announced that the long-awaited PlayStation Cross-Play beta is now available to gamers on PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC. This means that gamers on PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC can finally get together on four wheels for a few hours of …

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