Valheim How To Plant Seeds & Trees

Learn how to plant seeds in Walheim with our harvest guide. Learn how easy it is to plant trees by following simple steps.

How To Plant Valheim Seeds And Trees

Exploring the wilderness of Valheim in search of food can be dangerous the further from the center of the map you get. Your best bet is to build farms for a regular and sustainable food supply. It may seem simple – sow seeds, wait for them to grow and then harvest the fruit. But building a farm in Valheim is not a simple process. Most players who have seeds from Valheim don’t know how to do it. Let’s see how to plant seeds in Valheim. We will also learn how to plant seeds, plant trees and harvest.

How do you plant seeds and trees in Walheim?

To plant all kinds of seeds, including trees in Walheim, you need to build a Cultivator. To make a Cultivator, you must first build a Forge.

If you need to understand something, we will explain it in detail here.

What is the Walheim Forge?

Valheim’s smithy makes furniture, bronze weapons and metal tools. It should be built in a fenced area with walls and a roof.

How do you build a blacksmith shop in Valheim?

  • Unlock and build the foundry.
  • Use the smelter to make copper from copper ore. You will also need coal for the smelter.
  • Force 6 pieces of copper.
  • Or you can collect copper like the great mountain formations of the Black Forest.
  • Also collect 4x stone, 4x charcoal, 10x wood for 6x copper.
  • Equip the hammer with your inventory.
  • Open the “Crafting” menu by pressing the F key.
  • Select “Forge” from the menu and navigate through the menu with Q/E.
  • Place the forge by clicking the left mouse button.
  • To build and use the forge, you must place it next to the workbench.

What is a Valheim farmer for farming?
Valheim How To Plant Seeds, Trees and Harvest Crops

The Walheim cultivator is an agricultural tool for soil cultivation, which can be used to sow all plant and tree seeds. The cultivator is as important to agriculture as a hammer is to construction. In the forge, you can combine 2 copper and 1 tin to make bronze. This will allow you to unlock the Cultivator.

It has several menu functions:

  • Cultivation: prepare the soil for sowing.
  • Grass: Cover the ground with pieces of grass.
  • Carrots: Plant carrots with 1 carrot seed.
  • Root seeds: Plant carrot seeds with 1 carrot.
  • Planting trees: you can plant trees with tree seeds. However, you can only plant 3 different types of trees.

How to make a farmer with a forge?

  • Open the forge creation menu.
  • Here you have two tabs that allow you to ship or upgrade both bronze tools and weapons.
  • Make sure the cultivator is unlocked for you by making bronze first.
  • Once unlocked, you can combine 5 bronzes and 5 tree trunks to grow.

How to sow and harvest with a cultivator in Walheim?

  • Equip the cultivator and click the right mouse button to open the “Cultivator” menu.
  • Choose “Grow” from the other options.
  • Click on the bottom to begin editing.
  • Then open the cultivator again.
  • Choose the seeds you want to plant.
  • Sow the seeds on tilled soil.
  • Plants need space to grow, so keep distance between each seed. Otherwise, they won’t be able to grow.
  • Wait a few days before harvesting.
  • As soon as they are ready, you should walk over and harvest them in Valheim.

That’s everything you need to know about planting seeds and trees in Walheim. While you’re here, check out our other Walheim guides.

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