Why would players from NA and SA choose to stay on EU servers?

This may be a strange topic, but I couldn’t help but notice the growth of North and South American communities on other European servers in popular MMOs (like The Elder Scrolls Online and TERA). While I can understand why a European would prefer to stay on the NA servers (I agree), I don’t understand why it works the other way around. Having worked in several large MMOs on EU servers over the past decade, I don’t understand why anyone would prefer this change.

I mean… the EU servers…

  • …there are worse time zones.
    • Even as a European player, I noticed that most MMOs become quite inactive in the early evening (around 21:00-11:00 GMT), even on weekends. This makes any attempt to change the content of a group quite annoying (because even the queues end up suffering more than usual). Unless I play the game early in the morning, I don’t have these problems on the NA server, day or night.
  • …have a greater language barrier.
    • While it can be argued that EU servers tend to have more players because they can technically attract more people from Europe, Africa and Asia, there is no denying that these games have a stronger language barrier, which ultimately divides the community even more; especially since many scenarios require dedicated servers to be built for the French and German communities.
    • There’s also the shame around Eastern European countries (and yes, I know Latin America and Brazil have their problems with stereotypes when it comes to that, but I don’t think it’s that bad in comparison).
  • …lack of a strong community presence.
    • In addressing the previous topic, I couldn’t help but notice that NA servers tend to be louder and more active when it comes to their community. People are more willing to communicate with others than they are to not understand basic English or to go into silent mode 24/7. Look at the amount of content available online; it is mostly created by people from NA.
  • …don’t get much attention from developers and/or publishers.
    • Many games that happen to have multiple servers in different regions tend to have CEs as the black sheep of the family. I’ve lost count of the number of server problems and extensive maintenance EU servers have had for games like Guild Wars 2, Star Wars : The Old Republic and The Old Scrolls Online had to hold out because something went wrong on the European side. At this point, it has become a meme on many forums.
  • …is not present in the role-playing game.
    • I have noticed that many players in the European Union depend on NA because the roleplaying scene tends to suck or die on European Union servers; however, in NA they are very interested in having NA servers.

And from what I understand, people in NA and SA tend to have worse pings when playing on EU servers than vice versa, so that’s another factor to consider.

And for a game similar to the original Guild Wars, public opinion polls seem to clearly indicate that the majority of current fans are from Europe, but still prefer to play on NA’s servers.

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  • Unrest without compensation for downtime (EU server)

I know the EU(W/NE) servers are a joke at the moment and about to crash, so of course it’s ok. But if he fails on the first day of the pass and essentially makes people lose points, how is it normal not to compensate him?

  • Why servers always fail at the most inopportune times.

I don’t often have server crashes, but when I do, it’s always at the worst possible time. I haven’t counted how many times I’ve had these accidents, but I can honestly say that about 80% of them happen in the middle of the search and right after death. Anyway…

  • Requires high level servers for players of level 50+.

With the new patch lowering the maximum enemy spawn level in some areas, I think a high level server/game mode for players over 50 would be good to provide more challenges and make the whole map worth looking at for players over 50.

Why have the NA and SA players decided to stay on the EU servers?

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