Why You Should Kickstart: Doomlings Board Game | Launching March 2, 2021

The latest installment in our Kickstarter series Why You Should Kick the Doomling Board Game. Who doesn’t love cards with magical creatures from another planet? Doomlings is an interesting project developed by a creative team with the necessary resources. The match will take place on the 2nd. March 2021 published on Kickstarter. Follow the link below to go directly to The Doomlings board game home page or continue reading in the interview with the creator.

Doomlings Board Game on Kickstarter

1. How would you describe your product in a few sentences?

Doomlings is a delightful card game for the end of the world. Somewhere on a distant planet, life has evolved and apocalyptic species are vying for supremacy. The goal of the game is to score the most points before the end of the world. Players score points by playing tricks from their hand. Each turn is a new era where a new game rule is introduced. Some times are disasters that introduce unfavorable rules for the cycle. After 3 disasters, the world has collapsed. The player with the most points WINS!

2. Imagine a team that would bring this product to market. What context did you have for performing this operation?

Justus Meyer and Andrew Meyer are the designers of the Doomlings game. They are brothers and gamers who play a wide range of board games, RPGs, TCGs and video games. Justus is also the director and narrator, and he came up with the universe and the concept of the game. He wanted to make a game about the end of the world. But instead of focusing on the inevitable unhappiness, he wanted to emphasize a moment of fun where players can enjoy the experience they’re having – wherever they are and now – while cultivating a new species through the ages. Andrew is studying law and, not surprisingly, is a lawyer by the rules of his playing group. Andrew often introduces new games to the family. Both brothers wanted something that would satisfy their need for interesting mechanics and replayability, but still be accessible to casual players like their cousins and aunts. This is where the beginning of Destiny was born. He laid the foundation for the mechanism of the game.

Chris Svehla and Eric McCoy intervened to develop the game with Andrew and Justus (especially as important moral support in the early days). Chris is a writer and actor and was immediately attracted to the playful spirit of the Doomlings. Chris always insists that every card is fun, even if the contents are obscure. His experience with the Quippy Oneliners and the development of the content contributed to the personality of the game. Eric is a film and advertising director, and is essential to the successful launch of the game. Eric’s experience in filmmaking and storytelling brings a fresh perspective to the game’s story and helps enrich the dynamic world of Doomlings. His experience in filmmaking translates well into the organization of the team, allowing us to meet deadlines and deliver an excellent product.

3. What existing games would you compare your game to?

The goal to score the most points is similar to that of Guillotine and Sushi Go! but with much more depth and replayability. As in these games, players use the same common cards to find multiple ways to score points. Like Sushi Go and the Guillotine, the game has a definitive end after a few rounds. But there are many other ways to pass, because no two cards are the same in Doomlings. *Note* Fate is not a card game. Players draw from the total stack for 9 to 13 turns each.

We don’t want to overdo it here, but Doomlings is a tribute to card games like Pokemon, Magic and Hearthstone. Doomlings removes the bridge building element from these games and splits the ideas as elements into 5 bridges – Red, Blue, Green, Purple and Colorless. The combo points and chain effects are inspired by the collectible sensations players can get in the TCG. Most cards also have unique effects and interactions that any experienced card player will be familiar with. But the goal is to score points, not take down the opponent, which creates a friendlier atmosphere. But most importantly, the Doomlings game is ready to play…. no additional purchase or deck construction is required.

4. What makes your game different?

Doomlings offers the excitement of collecting cards during the game that historically belongs to the TCG. But the mechanism is designed for grab-and-go play, so it’s perfect for social games, holidays, or cleaning pallets. Rules are quickly learned, but players will make new discoveries through countless games. Doomlings also has a unique mechanism to control cards and dig decks, and that is the Gene Pool. Each player has his own gene pool that determines how many cards he must have in his hand at the end of each round. As the game progresses, the gene pool will naturally shrink, so players will want to play special cards to regrow the pool so as not to limit their options in the following rounds. Players may keep more or fewer cards than their gene pool allows. But at the end of their turn, they must stabilize, either by drawing or throwing, to adjust the size of their gene pool. Doomlings have no components, only cards. To keep track of his gene pool, each player gets his own colored counter card, which he can turn over as it increases or decreases.

5. How can anyone be sure they are getting quality parts and keeping all their promises?

We have tested materials, prints, designs and finishes on over 4 sets of prototypes. Our latest batch of prototypes has been sent to over 70 examiners worldwide. Even though the game is fully implemented and playable, we continue to receive feedback from our community to make every little detail as personal and enjoyable as possible. Everyone has a moment where they play their favorite game and want to propose. We are waiting for the audience’s reactions to give the game a sense of completeness. We also work with some of the biggest names in card game production and Kickstarter distribution, all of whom have years of experience working with the biggest names in the Kickstarter industry.

6. Why should we support your project?

This game was approved in 2019, and while it is NOT a Covid game, it was developed by passionate independent artists during the pandemic. We worked long nights and long weekends to give this game all the love and personal care we expect from games we enjoy. Like many of you, we’ve worked hard, but we’ve put all of our money into the development of the game, with prototypes, game testing and community work to bring you an accessible and truly special game that we think will be a pleasure to discover and play…. Because we believe that today – more than ever – people need a reason to smile. I thank you in advance for your support.

Well, we are satisfied!

Great insight and enthusiasm from a passionate design team. It’s like a magnificent dive to score the most points before the inevitable destruction of a unique world. It is clear that it has been handled with passionate hands and it looks like it will be a first class product. Visit their Kickstarter or Social Media pages for more information!

Doom Board Game – Page
Doom Board Game – Website
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