Most Anticipated Games For Remainder Of 2020 –

Welcome to another episode of Radio. In over 3 hours, we talk about the games we’ve played, go over a bunch of news, play a birthday quiz and reveal our 10 most anticipated games for the rest of the year. Have fun! Did you know you can now become a radio fan thanks to… Continue reading Most Anticipated Games For Remainder Of 2020 –

SolSeraph Is A Spiritual Successor To ActRaiser And Comes To Switch On July 10 –

One of my favorite games in the Super Nintendo launch window was Enix’s ActRaiser. Not only did he mix classic 2D action sequences with levels of top-down strategy, but he also set the bar very high for what could be achieved with the (then) new 16-bit SNES sound chip. In the end, the sequel threw… Continue reading SolSeraph Is A Spiritual Successor To ActRaiser And Comes To Switch On July 10 –

Tormented Fathers Review –

I grew up watching tons of horror movies, and one of my favorite times of the year is around Halloween. It’s only natural that scary games are also among my favorites. I was immediately attracted to games like Castlevania on the NES and later Resident Evil on PlayStation. There are many different styles of games… Continue reading Tormented Fathers Review –

Stranger’s Wrath Review –

I remember playing Oddworld: Abe’s Exodus on the original PlayStation. I liked the puzzle aspect, but it smelled too much like Sega Genesis’ Out of This World. I can’t tell you how many curses I’ve cried out in heaven over it. But it’s not the games. It’s a crazy world: Wrath of the Stranger was… Continue reading Stranger’s Wrath Review –

Dragon Quest Review –

Last year I began my journey into the world of Dragon Adventures with Dragon Adventures XI, which quickly captivated me with its beautiful magical world and nostalgia for the heavy JRPGs of yesteryear. Unfortunately, I never had the chance to experience the iconic feeling that invaded Japan so many years ago. While I enjoyed playing… Continue reading Dragon Quest Review –